Wild Leipzig

Berlin has some nice parks and trails, but they pale compared to Leipzig’s, which for money must be the running capital of Germany.

Head south out of the city center, through lively city parks containing beer gardens and stark Cold War era playgrounds. Help disoriented morning revelers still out from last night with directions back to their hotel. Follow the river. Notice how well-used paths turn to trails through tranquil forest smelling heavily of garlic (collecting wild garlic is a signature activity of springtime Leipzig). Keep an eye out for overgrown cobblestone roads, abandoned tram lines, snails in the long grass, and wild boar (wild only in sense of the species – wisely fenced off).

Photo taken at my southermost reach near Agra – just a few hundred feet from hundreds of tents housing sleeping festivalgoers at the WGT campground.

Published June 14, 2019.

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