My name is Brandur Leach (@brandur). I'm an engineer at Stripe, and am interested in service engineering, APIs, Vim, Tmux, Ruby, Go, terminal productivity, running, fixed gear riding, history, urban design, and metal.


  • AWS Islands

    The case for a concerted effort to build a powerful, but streamlined, platform on AWS.

  • The Intrinsic Static Site

    Building a static site on AWS with a global CDN, free HTTPS with automatic certificate renewal, and a CI-based deployment process powered by GitHub pull requests.

  • Notes on Go

    Notes on the language after spending a few weeks building a large project in it.

  • A Guide to Free CA-Signed Certificates

    Getting a certificate that most browsers would accept used to be difficult and expensive, but that's changing as we enter a relative golden age of web encryption. Read this for options for getting certificates issued for free.

  • My Heroku Values

    Some of my favorite practices and ideas from almost four years at Heroku.

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